Micheal Ward: Short Afro-Textured Haircut With Low Fade And Line-Up

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Top marks to Top Boy actor Micheal Ward (he plays Jamie in the gritty London drama) for his short, sharp haircut and on-point grooming game.

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Why We Love It:

If you look up ‘top haircuts’ in the grooming dictionary, Micheal Ward’s short Afro-textured style with low fade and line-up would likely be there.

It’s beautifully executed, effortlessly edgy and as cool as the BAFTA-award-winning actor (who also stars in the film Empire of Light with Olivia Colman) himself. MFH is here for the neat ’stache and goatee, too.

Micheal’s haircut may be short, but Afro-textured hair needs plenty of TLC to stay nourished and hydrated. Use moisture-boosting, deep-conditioning products and try not to wash your hair more than once a week.

Psst… Check out fellow Top Boy star Ashley Walters’ buzz cut fade here.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Micheal Ward’s haircut embraces his natural texture and curl pattern. Show your barber a photo reference and chat about what length will work best for you.
  • You could opt for a low fade like Micheal, which starts just above your ears. A high fade typically begins near the temples or forehead corner, while a mid fade starts around the middle of the head.
  • Ask for a line up (also known as a shape up or edge up) where the hairline is precision cut with an unguarded blade for that super sharp line.
  • Micheal also has a neat pencil moustache and goatee. (Work out your dream facial hair style with our guide.)
  • A sharp haircut requires regular maintenance, so you might find yourself in the barber’s chair every two weeks or so. Ask your stylist for guidance.

Get The Look

  • Styling a look like Micheal Ward’s short Afro-textured haircut is all about caring for your hair.
  • Treat yourself to a nourishing deep-conditioning treatment, like a hair mask, once a week.
  • Add a curl sponge to your grooming kit. These sponge-like brushes feature textured holes, which help to define and shape curls.
  • Look after and nourish your scalp – just as you would any other skin – with dedicated products like a scalp oil.
  • It can be worth investing in a precision trimmer if you feel confident tidying up any facial hair between barber visits.
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