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Pick Your Beard Style For 2020

2020: new you, new facial hair style!  Man For Himself has picked out the beard styles for 2020… with the help of a few recognisable faces.

Whatever your face shape, or type of facial hair, there will definitely be a great grooming style for you.

Take a look at 8 of the best beard styles around and how to achieve them.

Short Stubble

As seen on George Clooney.

Best Suited For:

Anyone; any face shape.

This is one of the most simple facial hair styles to achieve.

How To Achieve It:

  • Grow out your facial hair for a few days after shaving.
  • The time of growth will obviously depend on your own individual hair type.
  • Typically stubble will be around 1 – 3mm in length.

George Clooney is a pro at wearing the short stubble style.

The stubble look can make any youthful face look more mature and rugged. Just make sure it still looks even and tidy, and not that you have just forgotten to shave for a few days. Trim any excess growth on your cheeks and neck.

Top Tip: To prevent any ingrowing hairs, make sure you exfoliate the beard area and moisturise properly after a trim.

Short Beard

As seen on Jake Gyllenhaal.

Best Suited For:

Anyone; any face shape. Great for guys who have uneven hair growth, and if you are unable to grow a full beard.

This is an extension of the short stubble style.

How To Achieve It:

  • You can go as casual as you like with this style.
  • Keep the beard and moustache hair more ‘shaggy’ and unkempt or keep it tight and tidy. For the latter, use the Braun Series 9 for a precise finish along the beard line and the sideburns.
  • Decide on your length of hair and trim it every 7 days or so, dependant on the length.

For those of you with patchy hair growth, the patches will become less apparent the longer you grow it.

Top Tip: Be aware of your neckline and don’t trim it too high. It’s best to keep it just above the Adam’s Apple

Full Beard

As seen on Jason Momoa.

Best Suited For:

Guys with thick and full facial hair.

Not all of us are privileged enough to be able to grow a full beard, but if you have a good amount of coverage it will be worth the time and patience.

How To Achieve It:

  • If you are clean-shaven and fancy growing it out, it will take a while to achieve full growth.
  • For a full beard, looking after your skin is key. As it grows, you will experience the ‘itchy’ phase of the stubble where you will need to moisturise and apply beard oils to soothe this.
  • You will be tempted to shave it off, but persevere – the beard will come!
  • Once the beard is in the full swing, it’s all about keeping it tidy. Decide what style you are going for; e.g Bandholtz or Garibaldi.

For trimming, you will want to focus on the cheeks, along the beardline. Someone who continues to wear his full beard well, is Jason Momoa. He wore a similar style in Game of Thrones and he still wears this grown out look today.

Top tip: Use the precision trimmer on the Braun Series 9. This will be perfect to keep the beardline tidy. 

Extended Goatee

As seen on Brad Pitt.

Best Suited For:

Oblong shape.

Dependant on your personal hair growth, the extended goatee is pretty easy to achieve.

How To Achieve It:

  • The traditional key features are that there are minimal/no sideburns and the moustache is connected to the beard. The Braun Series 9 will be perfect for keeping the cheeks clean as the five shaving elements will pick up any stray hairs.
  • If you were to keep your sideburns, you would be too close to achieving a full beard.
  • Saying that, you can make it into your own style by keeping the sideburns trimmed and the beard extending under the chin.

Brad Pitt shows exactly how to wear an extended goatee. You can see how well it works for this face shape.

An extended goatee is relatively low maintenance as it only needs a trim every now and again.

Top Tip: Use a trimmer to add definition to the goatee, particularly removing any stubble or hair from the cheeks. 

Braun Series 9 – The Perfect Tool For 2020

The Braun Series 9 will help you create all the grooming styles you want for 2020.

Whether it’s a clean shave, trimming your stubble or tidying up your beardline, this precise shaver will keep you looking your best. For a blank canvas for 2020, the Series 9 is a great shaver to achieve the closest clean-shaven look. It has been built to last and created using unique technology that works specifically for you, for either a wet or dry shave.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient – it shaves more hair than any other shaver in one stroke¹.
  • Close – 40,000 cutting actions cut every hair as close as 0.05mm.
  • Gentle – 10,000 sonic vibrations let the shaver glide over your skin with ease.
  • It will read your beard and adjust power consequently.
  • 10D Flex Head – adapts to your face moving in 10 directions.
  • Precision trimmer – perfect for finishing touches.

You can buy the Braun Series 9 in silver here and gold here.

¹Tested on 3-day beards, vs. leading products in the premium tier.


As seen on Keanu Reeves.

Best Suited For:

Anyone who can grow a decent ‘tache‘. Also great for those of you with patchy growth as the moustache can be the main feature.

The Beardstache is exactly what it says on the tin; a combination of moustache and beard.

How To Achieve It:

  • This is a versatile style; you can keep it shorter by going with around 10 days of stubble for the beard, or grow it fully out.
  • The moustache traditionally tends to be full, thick and longer than the beard, and is usually a Walrus, Chevron or Horseshoe style.
  • Keanu Reeves has a perfectly styled Horseshoe shape here and has kept it rather long all over.
  • It really is down to you and you can make of it what you want.
  • To keep the shorter stubble look, put the shaver on a low setting. You can use the precision trimmer of the Braun Series 9 to neaten up the beardline and with the moustache, it will just need a trim every few days.

Top Tip: You might want to try the stubble beard and longer moustache first, as it will give a more interesting contrast between shave skin and a moustache. 

Van Dyke Beard

As seen on Jeremy Renner.

Best Suited For:

Triangular face.

The Van Dyke is similar to a true goatee.

How To Achieve It:

  • It’s all about the disconnected moustache and goatee for the Van Dyke.
  • The moustache is kept a classic shape but you can choose to take it longer at the ends. The edges will be disconnected from the goatee.
  • Ideally, keep the cheeks clean and bare with regular trimming and tidying.

If you refer to the ‘founder’ of the Van Dyke beard (Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck), traditionally this style has a long and pointed goatee. Feel free to try this or go your own way and manipulate the style as you wish. Jeremy Renner has kept it short here but you can see it still tapers at the chin. If you are shaving the sides of the chin, the Braun Series 9 will be ideal as the beard density adjustment will read your beard and alter its power.

Top Tip: This is great for anyone who can’t grow the tradition goatee circle of hair. Any small gaps shouldn’t be obvious.


Balbo Beard

As seen on Robert Downey Jnr.

Best Suited For:

Round / diamond-shape faces.

The Balbo has become an increasingly popular beard style within the ‘inverted T‘ category.

How To Achieve It:

  • The key features of the Balbo are no sideburns with a floating moustache.
  • You can play around with the style of the moustache, if you wish, but for the Balbao the classic style is usually the handlebar.
  • The sides of the beard are kept tidy, particularly on the cheekbones and the beard is usually full on the chin.

Robert Downey Jnr. is the perfect model for the Balbo. He’s been rocking it for a few years and it still looks great on him.

Top Tip: With the hair shorter on the sides, and longer at the apex of the chin, round faces will appear slimmer.

Salt & Pepper

As seen on David Beckham.

Best Suited For:

Anyone and everyone can wear this look.

As we get older, those grey hairs will become more and more apparent.

How To Achieve It:

  • Although we try our best to avoid those grey hairs coming in – normally with the fear it makes us look so much older – it can actually look amazing.
  • When it comes to grooming, it is totally up to you on this one but we would still recommend keeping it relatively tidy, and don’t forget to keep any facial hair moisturised.

David Beckham is certainly embracing his ageing hair and is proving just how stylish it can be. Who knows, a salt and pepper beard could fast become your best feature!

Top Tip: We’ll say it again – embrace the grey! And try using an argan oil, rich in vitamin E, which can help moisturise the hair. 

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