Pete Davidson: Grown Out Crew Cut With Baby Quiff

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Pete Davidson’s grown out crew cut with baby quiff sees him going back to his natural brunette roots after a stint with the bleach.

As he changes his hair colour as often as he changes his girlfriends, we’re glad he’s giving his barnet a break.

If not his love life…

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Why We Love It:

Pete Davidson’s grown out crew cut with baby quiff looks all the better for the fact it’s his natural brown colour.

Not only was the bleached look a bit too yellow in MFH’s opinion (see image 3), but it’s also punishing for your barnet.

Especially if you’re struggling with hair loss – and in 2017 Pete admitted to experiencing this.

(He apparently takes finasteride for his hair loss. But always seek medical advice before taking any new supplements).

MFH isn’t even going to bother running a sweepstake re how long he’ll keep this look.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • To get Pete Davidson’s grown out crew cut with baby quiff ask your barber for a short back and sides.
  • You need a little more length on the top – around an inch at the fringe area, and slightly shorter at the rest of the top of the head.
  • The back and sides should be tapered towards the neck with scissors.
  • Pete Davidson’s hair has grown out into this look after the much shorter crew cut he had in image 2 and 3.

Get The Look

  • Pete Davidson’s grown out crew cut with baby quiff is an easy-care look that doesn’t need many products.
  • Towel dry the hair (or you can blow dry it in a couple of minutes on medium heat)
  • Then apply a tiny amount of matt styling product (no more than a 5 cent piece). Rub it between your hands first to warm it up and make it easier to apply.
  • Then run it through the hair, working back to front.
  • Using your fingers guide the front of your hair upwards into a subtle, baby quiff like Pete Davidson’s hairstyle.
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