Label M Thickening Tonic

4.04 Star

This unique gel to liquid formula builds thickness and definition for big matt styles with a firm hold.

User Rating: 5

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MFH says

This was one of the first ever thickening treatments I owned. For the price, it’s so impressive. Perfect for guys who are looking for an instant boost of density and volume to their hair, but without spending a fortune. Totally recommended. Good launch, Label M!

What is it?

This unique gel to liquid, builds thickness and definition, for big matt styles with hold.

What does it do?

A cashmere texture spray that gives definition, volume as well as bringing a textured matt look to any hair type.

Who is it for?

Flat or even limp hair that is craving the ultimate volume and texture boost.

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Application: 4 Star
Finish: 4 Star
Overall: 4 Star

Infused with hydrolysed Keratin from Cashmere Wool, builds fabric-like, immense texture.



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  • Steven J Horowitz says:

    Absolutely love this stuff. Been using Label M thickening tonic for years and it is the most important product in my hair arsenal. Thickens and gives texture to your hair and is a must have for fine hair. I think this product gives more texture than any sea salt spray as well.

    User Rating: 5
  • Steven Horowitz says:

    Been using this stuff for years. Always have a bottle on order so I don’t run out. Great great stuff.

    User Rating: 5

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