Adam Levine: Crew Cut With High Fade

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Adam Levine’s haircut – a crew cut with high fade – gives a rock’n’roll edge to a classic cut. Grrr.

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Why We Love It:

MFH is always intrigued by a new Adam Levine haircut.

And this, a crew cut with high fade – is latest in a long line of cool looks rocked by the Maroon 5 singer.

He has had everything from cornrows with shaved sides, #1 cut, a high fade with combover,  and this severe mohawk  to name a handful.

Adam loves to play with colour, too. He has has been been platinum blonde a few times and was recently spotted with a smurf blue ‘do.

He might have moves like Jagger, but he’s a hair chameleon like Gaga…



What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Adam Levine’s haircut – a crew cut with high fade – might be an easy-to-style look, but your barber/stylist needs to be a talented fade artist.
  • Adam’s length on top looks to be around half an inch.
  • The sides are carefully blended into a high fade.
  • Talk to your stylist about what fade will be right for you.

Get The Look

  • If, like Adam, you love experimenting with colours and cuts, you need to keep your hair in prime condition. Especially if it’s colour treated.
  • Make sure you don’t shampoo it too often. Use dry shampoo in between washes.
  • Nourish it with oils and deep conditioners.
  • Get it cut regularly to stop any split ends.
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