Sam Asghari: Crew Cut With Low Fade

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If you don’t recognise him, he’s a personal trainer, model and Britney Spears’ other half (since 2016).

But Sam Ashgari’s crew cut with low fade has been grabbing our attention for other reasons…

MFH says

The handsome Iranian met his other half, Britney Spears, on the set of her video for Slumber Party in 2016.

But Sam Asghari’s crew cut with low fade has been on our radar for other reasons, recently. And not just for the fact that it’s a cool, minimum-fuss cut.

We’ve noticed it because it also shows off his thinning hairline. And MFH loves that he’s embracing it. It’s proof that Mother Nature will take her course, regardless of how good looking, successful or handsome you are. Or how A-list your other half is. He looks great!

Remember that shame is not a word anyone should associate with hair loss…



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  • For the Sam Asghari crew cut with low fade, his hair is slightly longer on the top and is graduated subtly down from the crown to the ears.
  • If you want to make this more on trend, you can ask for a fade.
  • Sam has a very subtle low fade here.
  • Best to discuss with your barber what would suit you best.
  • A Sam Asghari crew cut with low fade is a great wash and go look.
  • For thinning hair, use thickening products that add volume.
  • And, like, Sam, you can add a little product to give it a little texture around the fringe area.
  • Use a small amount of clay, wax or putty and warm it between your fingers first.
  • Then apply to dry hair with your fingers and push the fringe area into a subtle quiff.



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