Matthew Macfadyen: Salt And Pepper Textured Crop

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British actor Matthew Macfadyen’s salt and pepper textured crop is not a million miles removed from his Succession character – Tom Wambsgans – hairstyle.

Though MFH thinks that Tom would baulk at Matthew’s choppy texture, fearing it’d identify him as nouveau riche…

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Why We Love It:

Matthew Macfadyen’s salt and pepper textured crop is a more fun and modern take on his alter ego Tom Wambsgans much more preppy style on Succession.

And Matthew looks all the better for it.

Where Tom’s haircut is boring to the point of being unmemorable, Matthew’s haircut in these photos has lots of great choppy texture that he (or, rather, his expensive hairstylist) has had fun playing around with.

And MFH loves those flecks of grey throughout – it makes his natural dark brown hair colour softer and more flattering.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Matthew Macfadyen’s salt and pepper textured crop is all about that choppy texture.
  • Matthew’s hair has been cropped close to the head at the sides and back.
  • It has been left slightly longer on top and has been layered to achieve that choppy, textured look.

Get The Look

  • Matthew Macfadyen’s salt and pepper textured crop is super easy to style.
  • Wash the hair no more than 2-3 times a week.
  • Then spritz in some ANFORH Texture Volume Spray to give the hair some grit and oomph.
  • As you blowdry the hair, tousle it around a little.
  • Finish off with some pomade.
  • Use a small amount, no bigger than a 5p piece, warm it between your fingers and then ruffle the back section of the head, pulling some pieces out.
  • Then at the front of the head, sweep the hair up a little and to the side.
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