Medium Length Textured Hairstyle

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The main focus for this medium length hairstyle is the blunt fringe and longer length of hair left in the crown. The hair already has great natural movement, but a lightweight matte cream will just add some final definition.

MFH says

This hairstyle is fashion-forward and full of attitude.

It all comes down to the cut! Make sure you go to a barber who really knows their craft.

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  • Scissor cut.
  • Ask for a blunt fringe.
  • Leave more length towards the crown, and then shorter towards the fringe.
  • The hair at the crown needs to be brought forward, during the cut, to make sure it is kept long.
  • The hair is shorter in the middle, and moving towards the fringe.
  • Use a lightweight cream or soft wax, with a matte finish, to define the natural texture of the hair.
  • A clay will be too heavy so try and avoid using it.



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