Leonardo DiCaprio: Slicked Back Hair With Side Parting

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The iconic actor might choose variety when it comes to his roles he plays. But when it comes to hair, Leonardo DiCaprio’s slicked back hair with side parting has been his go-to for years.

MFH says

Once known for his long, floppy, curtain fringe, Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair has come a long way from those teen heartthrob days. And MFH reckons Leonardo DiCaprio’s slicked back hair with side parting is the last word in suave.

And he gets to keep his long fringe too.

Sure, it’s not exactly fashion forward, but for a 47 year old man still in the prime of his career, Leonardo clearly likes a hairstyle that enables him – and us – to concentrate on his performance, not his look.

(See him as Dr Randall Mindy in his current Netflix film, Don’t Look Up, for an example of ‘don’t-care’ hair).

As for the secret behind his slick-back? Rumour has it that Leo discovered pomade when George Clooney, another avid user, introduced it to him. And he apparently now asks for it on every movie set.

Talk about a smooth operator…

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  • Leonardi DiCaprio’s slicked back hair with side parting, ask your stylist for a scissor haircut.
  • They’ll need to leave length on the top and sides for that slicked back look.
  • Leonardo’s fringe is clearly quite long (MFH estimates eyebrow length).
  • But you can do this with shorter hair.
  • Don’t forget to show your stylist where you’d like your side parting before they start cutting.
  • Leonardi DiCaprio’s slicked back hair with side parting works best on straight hair.
  • But if you’re blessed with waves or curls, then product will  help.
  • After washing or wetting the hair, part it to the side.
  • Apply some pomade for hold.
  • Blowdry the hair, combing it back as you dry it.
  • Comb through a little more product after it’s dry if necessary.
  • You can also spritz on a light-hold hairspray to keep the look intact.



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