Kieran Culkin: Short Cut With Long Straight Fringe

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Actor Kieran Culkin’s long, straight fringe gives him an indie-band edge on the red carpet for the Series 3 premiere of Succession in New York.

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Why We Love It:

If the 39-year-old actor looks familiar – and not just because of his role as Roman Roy on Succession – it might be because he slightly resembles his older bro, Macauley Culkin. (Who is 41. Yes, really).

But we’re here to critique Kieran Culkin’s short cut with long, straight fringe. Which, when he lets it hang long and loose, looks very ‘singer in a noughties indie band’ TBH. Franz Ferdinand to be precise. (Too young? Google them). 

We’re loving how he’s styled it into a subtle half-quiff here, too, which softens his square face shape.

Rock on, Kieran.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Shorter at the sides and back
  • Enough length to be kept on top so that the side parted fringe reaches eye length
  • Get them to subtly layer the top so you can wear it messy and textured, as well as sleek and long

Get The Look

  • The length of the fringe makes this versatile.
  • You can wear it in a mini quiff like Kieran here. This is all about product – use a volumising mousse, and a matt clay.
  • Then blow dry hair to the side, using fingers to pull it up into a soft half-quiff.
  • Pull some longer pieces down onto the forehead.
  • You can also wear this style slicked right back, like Kieran’s Succession character, Roman Roy.
  • Or you could go product free wear it side parted with a loose, sweeping fringe
  • You could even wear it slicked down to the side for a 1940s look.
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