Parker van Noord: Long and Layered Floppy Hairstyle

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Model Parker van Noord has the quintessential long, layered hairstyle of a model. The son of Dutch supermodel Andre van Noord styles his hair either with a fringe or with a messy centre parting, it’s a multi-purpose cut that can look both polished and casual.

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Why We Love It:

Parker van Noord’s model good looks are only emphasised by his nonchalant, floppy hair. Worn without a parting or with a full fringe, this 90s hairstyle works on guys without the Dutch model’s chiseled cheek bones too.

Parker has thick hair, so if you’re on the thin side reach for products that will offer volume – you could try a mousse.  The model likes to wear his hair with a textured, slightly shiny finish which you can get with a wet-look pomade.


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • To get Parker van Noord’s loose, floppy hairstyle ask your barber for long layers.
  • This look is best cut with the scissor over comb technique.
  • You want a fringe that can be styled both neat and straight and textured and swept to the sides.

Get The Look

  • To get Parker van Noord’s look style your hair with volume and a light sheen.
  • When your hair is towel dry apply a voluminising product like a mousse or a texturising product like a sea salt spray through the mid-section.
  • If you’re more low maintenance leave hair to dry naturally, then add a touch of a high sheen pomade to get Parker’s wet look shine.
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