James Marsden: Short, Textured Haircut

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This short, textured haircut is the perfect, inoffensive look for a romantic lead – so who better than, er, regular romantic lead James Marsden, to model it?


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Why We Love It:

James Marsden’s short, textured haircut isn’t going to set the world on fire for being edgy or groundbreaking.

But it’s a soft, flattering cut that enhances the ever-youthful looks of the 49-year-old Disenchanted actor, who, along with Paul Rudd, has somehow outdone Dorian Gray by never looking any older.

Though with a face as pretty as James’s, it’s disappointing he’s never take a serious risk with his hair and gone for something a little…harder.

MFH is keen for James to try something shorter, sharper and more of a statement.

Like this Sebastian Stan look, or this skin fade vibe.



What To Ask Your Barber:

  • James Marsden’s short, textured haircut is layered into roughly 1 inch lengths on the top.
  • It gently tapers down to be shorter at the sides.
  • It’s slightly longer at the back which softens the style.

Get The Look

  • James Marsden’s short, textured haircut is a great wash’n’go style if you don’t like to faff with your hair.
  • To get James’ slightly tousled look, don’t wash hair too frequently.
  • Use dry shampoo in between washes to give it that gritty texture.
  • When you do wash it and dry it, use texture sprays or products like clay or moulding paste to highlight the texture.
  • Simply ruffle it as you blow dry it and then warm a small amount of paste between your fingers and ruffle it through your hair when it’s dry.
  • You can also push it up slightly at the front like James’s hair, to give it a baby quiff.
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