Jack Saunders: Red And Black Dyed Textured Hairstyle

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Radio 1 DJ Jack Saunders is somewhat of a hair chameleon. And MFH is liking that this red and black dyed, textured hairstyle is a slightly softer version of his former flame-red Mohican.

MFH says

Jack Saunders’ red and black dyed, textured hairstyle is a long way removed from the conservative looking young bloke with a halo of gingery-blonde hair and a floppy, curtain fringe.

Because, yes, that’s how he looked in the not too distant past.

Until he suddenly emerged with a violent orange Mohawk.

He’s also toyed with soft pink spikes, and now this deep, red spiky ‘do with black sides and back.

If you’re Gen X or an older Millennial this is a very 80s soft-punk vibe.

Although, while MFH is always a fan of a hair risk-taker, the colour palette he’s chosen here doesn’t do much for his very pale, British complexion.

Not to mention those blonde brows and lashes…

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  • Jack Saunders’ red and black dyed, textured hairstyle might look hacked at, but it’ll still take a skilled Barber to get the look.
  • The sides and back are cut to be very short and spiky.
  • Jack’s hair is longer on top – around 1-1.5 inches.
  • The stylist will need to layer/point cut it, which will allow ease of styling.
  • As they style it in the salon, ask them to give you a bit of a how-to so you can recreate the look at home.
  • Jack’s hairstyle has standout because of the colour, too.
  • His hair would have been bleached on top, and then a vibrant red colour applied.
  • The black and the sides and back would have been applied carefully, too, so that the colours don’t merge together.
  • This is not something that is easy to do at home – so don’t try it! Leave it to the professionals.
  • Jack Saunders’ red and black dyed, textured hairstyle is all about the styling products.
  • And you will need to use a hairdryer otherwise it’ll just flop.
  • Apply volume powder / matt clay to towel dried hair for shine and hold.
  • Then roughly blow dry your hair on medium heat.
  • Gently pull the hair up with your fingers as you blow dry it.
  • When it’s dry, use more matt clay on the hair to get the texture that Jack has.
  • Finish off with some strong hold hairspray.
  • This is about having fun messing around with the texture and different products and seeing what works best.
  • FYI: red hair colour tends to fade fast. So use natural shampoo/conditioners and try to avoid washing the hair more than a few times a week if you can.



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