Drake: High & Tight Buzz Cut

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Rapper, Drake, is often seen sporting an extremely well-groomed and precise haircut. This particular style is almost verging on an undercut, but with very short lengths. His hair is short around the back and sides and with more length on the top.

MFH says

This style is part skin fade, part undercut, part buzz cut! Find yourself a barber who knows his craft for this hairstyle. It’s all about finesse. And if they get it right, you’re on to a winner.

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  • High fade.
  • Clippers for the back and sides.
  • Keep the length in the top.
  • This is a similar haircut and style to an undercut, however more hair would be taken off the top.
  • The overall cut is short, but more length is left on the top, in comparison to the sides.
  • Fade from a grade 0 on the neck moving up.
  • For afro hair, use a bristle brush on the top to create tight waves.
  • The hairline should be tidied up with detailers.
  • Use a pomade to add some shine.



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