Conor McGregor: Fade Buzz Cut

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For a variation on the classic buzz cut, Conor McGregor looks smart and clean with this precise fade buzz cut. The key element to this style is the grade 0 around the ears, fading gradually up towards the crown.

MFH says

This is an extremely masculine look, and made even more so by the added skin fade around the ears. If you want to take your buzz cut to the next level, this is it.

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  • Fade buzz cut.
  • Short around the ears, with a gradual fade up to the crown.
  • Must be neat and precise.
  • Razor cut or clipper, without a guard, around the ears.
  • Fade up to a grade 1 (maximum) to the crown.
  • Use detailers to remove any stay hairs and to create a precise hairline at the front.



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