David Tennant: Short Haircut With Semi Quiff And Side Part

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Voted the best Dr Who ever in a Radio Times poll, MFH would also like to vote David Tennant’s short haircut with semi quiff and side part as the best hairstyle on the Comic Relief TV special recently. The shine! The thickness! The sharp cut! J’adore.

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Why We Love It:

David Tennant’s short haircut with semi quiff and side part is a sharp, seriously groomed look for everyone’s favourite former Dalek-buster.

And he joins an esteemed list of British actors with enviably thick, shiny bonces which includes Ben Whishaw and Andrew Garfield.

So lusted after is David Tennant’s hair that there are even Tumblr’s dedicated to him running his hands through it.

And for those of you who querying the fiery red dye-job, he sported late last year – which caused people watching ITV’s An Audience With Adele to say it resembled Seong Gi-Hun from Squid Game – well, it was for his role as Crowley in Good Omens, of course. Series 2 started filming recently.

Tennant  explained to the Radio Times: “It wasn’t in the book, but red seemed quite appealing as he’s from the flames. There’s also a part of me as an actor who likes to transform.”

And we enjoy seeing your transformations, too, Dave, so keep up the good work.


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Ask your barber for a taper hairstyle with a side parting to mimic David Tennant’s short haircut with semi quiff and side part
  • You want the look to be softly tapered at the edges.
  • Grow hair out to at least three inches on the top top so you have enough hair to style into a fuller quiff, or even to slick it down with a side parting, 1940s style.

Get The Look

  • Invest in a hairdryer so you can recreate David Tennant’s short haircut with semi quiff and side part
  • When your hair is towel dry apply a mousse – use sparingly (you can always add more if you need)
  • You can also add a light clay product for extra holding power.
  • Then blowdry your hair sweeping it up and over to the side using your fingers.
  • If you want a bigger quiff than David’s, be sure to get lots of volume through the front using a vent brush as you blowdry.
  • If you like the classic shine that David’s hair has, finish with a touch of pomade. Warm it up in your hands first and then brush through hair.
  • Finish off with hairspray to keep your style intact.
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