Daniel Radcliffe: Medium Textured Undercut

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It’s hard to believe that Harry Potter is not only, gasp, 32, but also that Daniel Radcliffe’s medium textured undercut is his latest hairstyle of choice. That’s because we still see him in our mind’s eye as a little boy with a bowl cut as round as his spectacles. (How old does MFH feel?)

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Why We Love It:

Daniel Radcliffe’s medium textured undercut isn’t his best look, TBH. It’s a bit harsh for him – we prefer this short, textured look here, which is sans the undercut, and is softened by the beard.

But we understand he’s spent his adult life running from the spectre of Harry Potter and trying to look as different as he possibly can to the bespectacled wizard boy. So, Dan, we forgive you for the misguided undercut.

In fact, in a Harry Potter reunion filmed for Now TV, he recalled his horror when he – and the rest of the cast – were told they had to keep their signature childish hairstyles for every single HP film.

‘We’re like, “No, no, no, no, no. You’re not leaving us like this? We’re supposed to be becoming teenagers and dating girls in this film!”’ Daniel said. ‘“That’s not what it’s going to be, is it?”’ So, I think we were pretty devastated as we realised that it was.’

We feel your pain Dan. At least MFH has been able to keep his own ill-advised childhood hair horrors under wraps. (Don’t get any ideas, Mum!)

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • If you want Daniel Radcliffe’s medium textured undercut it’s important to show your stylist some photos of looks you like.
  • Although your hair will grow back fairly quickly, you don’t want to have to wear hats for a month because you hate it!
  • Also be aware that an undercut is not for anyone who is self conscious about their ears.
  • Ask for the hair on top to be textured and left longer – Daniel’s layers look to be around 2-3 inches.

Get The Look

  • Daniel Radcliffe’s medium textured undercut    is all about products to bring out the texture.
  • When hair is damp add a sea salt product.
  • Give yourself a low side parting, then blow dry on medium heat while ruffling the hair with hands.
  • When dry, rub a small amount of wax or clay in your hands to warm it up, then ruffle through the hair, pulling pieces out.
  • The medium length on top gives Daniel’s hair loads of versatility. So if he’d wanted to give his hair more ‘pizzazz’ for the red carpet, he could have given himself a high quiff or pompadour.
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