Danny Fujikawa: Short Hair With Side Parting

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He is not only Kate Hudson’s fiance, but musician Danny Fujikawa’s short, side-parted hair with subtle quiff, combined with that lavish beard, has surely earned him a spot in hipster heaven.

MFH says

His other half might be the super famous one, but MFH wants to shine a spotlight on Danny Fujikawa’s short, side-parted hair with subtle quiff.

A seemingly simple, scissor haircut, yes, but it’s got that retro-cool, nerd factor beloved of so many musos.

And, natch, the beard gives it serious hipster stand-out with its ‘just the right side of out-of-control’ vibe.



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  • Danny Fujikawa’s short, side-parted hair with subtle quiff ask your barber to scissor cut in long layers.
  • Ensure they know you want to style your hair in a side parting and show them where you’d like it parted.
  • While you’re at the barbers pay attention to how they style your hair into the subtle  quiff.
  • Danny Fujikawa’s short, side-parted hair with subtle quiff apply a mousse, when the hair is towel dry. Use sparingly.
  •  Then blowdry your hair sweeping it slightly up and over to the side using a vent brush.
  • If you like the classic shine that Danny’s hair has, finish with a touch of pomade. Warm it up in your hands first and then brush through hair with fingers.
  • Run it (sparingly) down the side of the hair, too, to get stray hairs lying flatter.



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