Austin Butler: Big Texture Dyed Hairstyle

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This is quite a transformation for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor, Austin Butler, as he’s naturally blonde-haired, and previously wore it long and loose. This sweeping, textured hairstyle is a strong look, and the black hair makes his blue eye pop.

MFH says

With his model looks, Austin Butler can do no wrong with his hair. I love this textured sweeping fringe look.

That said, the black dye is fairly heavy and draining on his light complexion. I’d definitely keep it blonde!

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  • This is a real transformation hairstyle, so make sure your barber is experienced with dying hair.
  • For the hairstyle, keep it neat and short at the nape of the neck, tapering up the back.
  • Hair needs to be left long on top, with a lot of texture.
  • Hair can be left long on the sides, but pushed/swept back.
  • Dyed hair will need maintaining, especially if you’re going from blonde to black like Austin Butler.
  • Add a little bit of styling cream (try Fatboy Styling Cream) to towel-dried hair and work through on a low heat, low speed hairdryer. It will take time but will give a textured, defined and voluminous look to your hair.



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