Long Length With Tapered Sides

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If you look close enough, you’ll see this hairstyle is actually slightly asymmetric, with more weight in the left side – where the hair naturally falls. His thick hair has been left long and unruly on top but neatly tapered around the neck and ears.

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Why We Love It:

All that volume. All that texture! This is a hairstyle-and-a-half!

Another solid men’s haircut from Anthony Mayes.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Scissor cut.
  • Leave plenty of length in the top.
  • Needs to have that ‘bed head’ look.
  • Taper around the neck and ears.
  • Cut the top square.

Get The Look

  • A slicing technique is used in the cut to create movement and manipulate the shape in the top.
  • He has a widow’s peak, so the hair should be worn off the face and not dropped forwards/down as the hair will jump up.
  • Blow dry with a flat brush, pushing back. Can also use your hands to comb through as you dry the hair.
  • Use a matte clay to rough the hair up.
  • Finish with a bit of hairspray to tease the ends.
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