Anthony Keyvan: Curly Hairstyle With Short Back And Sides

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XO, Kitty and Love, Victor actor Anthony Keyvan lets his natural curls do the talking with this fun-yet-sophisticated hairstyle.

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Why We Love It:

Anthony Keyvan’s curly hairstyle with short back and sides proves that sharp tapering and glorious curls really are a dream power couple.

The star of hit shows XO, Kitty and Love, Victor (he plays Q and Rahim respectively) often works with celebrity groomer and barber Colleen Dominique. For the XO, Kitty premiere in May 2023 – where this photo of Anthony was taken – she used tools by Babyliss Pro Barber as well as haircare products by luxe brand Oribe.

After all, as most curly-haired folks know, caring for and keeping them in good condition is key.

Oh, and did we mention Colleen also counts Danny Ramirez, Adam Dimarco, Patrick Mahomes and the Mark Hamill – aka Luke Skywalker – among her past clients? Consider MFH officially a fan.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Keen on Anthony Keyvan’s curly hairstyle with short back and sides? Find a barber skilled in working with curly hair, so you can decipher the best style and length for your curl pattern and texture.
  • Your barber may use a point-cutting technique to maintain texture and movement in the top, as well as balance out any weight.
  • They’ll likely use clippers for the short back and sides – Anthony’s looks to be about a number one or two in length.
  • These shorter areas can be subtly tapered to make sure they blend naturally with the curls/texture on top.

Get The Look

  • Rocking Anthony Keyvan’s curly hairstyle is all about looking after those curls.
  • Apply a small amount of curl cream (around the size of a penny) after rinsing out your shampoo and conditioner. This can help to nourish and define your strands.
  • Top tip: rubbing the curl cream between your palms helps to make sure it’s distributed evenly throughout your hair – and remember a little goes a long way.
  • When it comes to styling, experiment and customise your approach based on your curl texture.
  • You could work a small amount of lightweight mousse into gently-towel-dried hair. Squeeze and twist your curls – again, gently – as you go.
  • Let your hair finish drying naturally. Or if you’re using a hair dryer, opt for a low-to-medium setting to help ward off frizz and heat damage.
  • A diffuser attachment on the hair dryer helps to spread and control the air flow, so curls stay structured.
  • Then use your hands to form and shape the style you want.
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