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5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Up All Day

I’m someone that really prides myself on having big hair. Big hair with volume that stays up. I don’t want it to drop if I have spent long enough to get my hair right, I want it to stay up all day long.

Follow these 5 top tips to keep your hair up all day.

Tip 1: Haircut

Behind every great hairstyle is a good haircut. If your hair is too thick or long then your hairstyle will drop and fall.

  • Keep hair shorter in the back and longer in the front, this allows for elevation.
  • If the hair is thick, cut into it or slightly thin it so it can stay up.


Tip 2: Pre-Styling

The key to having voluminous hair is to use a pre-styling product on damp or towel dried hair.

  • Use a hair mouse or a fiber and activate it with a blow dryer.
  • For fine hair, use a hair thickening cream or spray and activate it with a hairdryer.

Tip 3: Styling

It’s important to also pick the right hair styling product. You will want to avoid gel products as they can become heavy and greasy in the hair.  Also, avoid anything that’s too waxy or oily.

  • Clay products will be your friend as they are perfect for styling as they are the best for keeping your hair up all day.

Tip 4: Layering

Make sure to always layer your product. If you start off with too much product, the hairstyle will fail, even if the product is top quality. Layer the product and build up the structure.

  • Start with a pea sized amount of the product and then go from there.
  • Brush the hair root to tip building it in then swiping it up into the hair.
  • Repeat this process adding a little amount of product each time.

Tip 5: Fixing

I know some people don’t like using fixing or finishing sprays but if you have fine hair, what will help you the most is hairspray.

  • Spray your hand with the hairspray and brush at the surface of the hair. This will help to tame any flyaways.
  • Finish by blasting the hair all over.
  • Remember: Hairspray is a fixing product, not a styling product.

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