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Win A FUE Hair Transplant With The Harley Street Hair Clinic

Man For Himself is proud to partner with the world-renowned Harley Street Hair Clinic to give one of you an FUE hair transplant.

A hair transplant can be life-changing. Not only does it change how you look, but – more importantly – it can greatly improve your self-confidence and how you feel about yourself.

Medical technology has greatly advanced over the last decade and we have a wealth of options at our disposal. But with greater choice comes a need for caution. Not all hair transplants are equal, nor does each clinic provide the same quality and attention to detail. Why take the risk?

I am hugely proud to be working with The Harley Street Hair Clinic to offer one of you a life-changing procedure. In April this year (yep, so soon!), one of you will undergo a FUE hair transplant (the most natural-looking type of hair transplant) with one of the best clinics in the world.


Best Of The Best: Harley Street Hair Clinic

The Harley Street Hair Clinic is renowned for pioneering the adoption of high quality FUE and FT in the UK. Their London hair clinic has developed the FUE/FT procedure extensively to provide high-quality, natural and dependable results for men and women. The procedures are performed by specialist doctors, who are all GMC (General Medical Council) registered. Doctors at The Harley Street Hair Clinic implant and extract all the follicles to ensure the best results possible for each patient.

The Harley Street Hair Clinic is the only clinic in the UK to specialise in follicular transfer hair transplant technology. The HSHC doctors are some of the best in the business, and every transplant they carry out is performed by a doctor, not a nurse. They firmly believe that with any kind of aesthetic surgery, patients deserve the best-qualified practitioner.


What Is An FUE Hair Transplant?

The Harley Street Hair Clinic solely perform hair transplants using follicular unit extraction (FUE) technology. It’s an exacting, highly technical minimally invasive procedure with remarkable, natural-looking results.

The treatment works in a more advanced way than previous methods such as strip harvesting and FUT (follicular unit transplant). During an FUE hair transplant, the doctor will extract hair follicles from the donor area (the hair at the back of the head) with the use of a specialised extraction instrument. The hair follicles are then examined under a microscope and prepared for the transplant.

Using a micro surgical needle, the surgeon will puncture the scalp area and transfer the follicles into the recipient area at an angle and density to mimic natural hair growth.




The Competition

      • The competition opens on 17th February and closes on 11th March, 2021.
      • One person will win the FUE transplant with The Harley Street Hair Clinic.
      • The Harley Hair Clinic is at: 75 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 9RS.
      • Comments or questions:  please get in touch here.

Who Can Enter The Competition?

Full terms and conditions for the competition are here, but you can enter the competition if:

  • You are a legal resident of the United Kingdom;
  • are 18-years-old or older at the time of entering;
  • agree to have your treatment documented for Man For Himself and HSHC;
  • and complete the form below!

Your Hair Pictures

The entry form below will ask you to upload 3 pictures of your hair. These will help the doctor better understand your needs. They need:

1. A photo of your hair front on;

2. A photo from the side;

3. A photo from the back.

Enter The Competition Here

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