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SpexHair : Making the Hair Loss Industry Safer

Meet Man For Himself Guest Editor, and hair-loss enthusiast, Spex.

When you’re losing your hair, you just want to hide yourself away. As much as you want to participate in the world, you feel like you can’t do it without a hat on. Trust me gents, you’re not the only one who feels that way! No doubt you’ve invested a lot of time and probably money too in finding a solution (other than a baseball cap). Problem is, where do you turn? Every road seems to lead to a dead-end or something doesn’t feel right. If only, you think, if only there was someone you could trust who has answers to your questions. Someone who’s been there, done that and worn the t-shirt. A man like you, but who’s figured this industry all out and knows how to guide you. Sounds like something from a fairy tale, doesn’t it?

My name is Spencer Stevenson aka ‘SpexHair’ from and I’ve been referred to by the mainstream media as being like a knight in shining armour for balding gents in distress. I have experienced and seen the good, the bad and the ugly and lived to tell the tale. My story isn’t pretty but it’s 100% legitimate and out there for perpetuity to cross-reference. I stepped forward and spoke up, so that others don’t have to suffer similar fates. SpexHair is my pseudonym, and I am a patient advocate, a consumer advocate, a friend and guide to the follicularly-challenged. Deemed a veritable expert about hair loss treatments, hair restoration products and hair transplant surgeries, mostly because I’ve explored them all myself over the last 20 years!

A 13-time hair transplant veteran!

Nope, I’m not kidding. Rest assured, the chances of you having to endure 13 hair transplants are slim to non. For me, however, my very first few were disasters, 20 years ago, which lead me on a lengthy and extensive repair journey. Initially I put my scalp in the hands of an inexperienced, unethical operator and came out the worse for it. From that time on, I was a ‘repair’ patient and have spent decades seeking out and working with the truly righteous players in the industry.

Even aside from my transplants, through SpexHair my blog which has grown into the education platform it is today I’ve explored an abyss of hair loss treatments, dredging up the ridiculous (cow urine, anyone?) and going through countless bottles of so-called ‘effective’ treatments, shampoos, conditioners and serums. I’ve experimented with wigs, concealer products and vitamins. I’ve sought advice from barbers, hairdressers, GPs, dermatologists, cosmetic therapists and anyone else who may have a solution to offer me.

An expert with every follicle of his being

Today, 13 transplants in, through SpexHair and time served I’ve built a mutually trusting, deeply rooted relationship with hair loss patients globally and the industry in general. My objective is to help change this industry for the better and to make it a safer place for all. I’ve personal experience and legitimacy like few others, so feel I can speak with authority and create change. The objective is to educate and protect as many people as possible, so that hair loss sufferers can get the help they need without the nonsense they don’t. I work closely with leading clinics such as  The Harley Street Hair Clinic  where I had my very last FUE surgery 20 months ago and other like-minded leading clinics and surgeons. Collectively we do the heavy lifting to help educate patients with the facts and keep them protected.


My profile and reputation over the last few years has continued to rise and gain attention through celebrity referrals, brand endorsements, and thanks to mainstream media’s recognition and interviews. I’ve worked tirelessly for the patient rights and I’ve become a recognised name in The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons community too. The relationship more akin to a mutual admiration on serving and protecting the patient community and that surgery is a last resort, whilst educating and helping desperate people understand what’s actually involved and how best treat progressive hair loss too. No hair transplant operator gets to be admitted as a member of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons unless they are top-drawer surgeons practising with the highest level of ethics and utilising – even developing – the latest techniques. The IAHRS should literally be the first place anybody looks for a surgeon when going down that path.

I only align myself with the best and brightest in the industry and clinics and surgeons I know have the patients best interest at heart and not the mighty $. I choose to only work with the best in the world and conversely, as a result of my passionate I am only approached by the best in the world to help educate and serve their perspective patients too. Clinics who work in direct association with SpexHair clearly set themselves apart to a much higher calibre and standard, enabling patients to gain a remarkable amount of honest transparent information. This in turn generates and lends a huge amount of trust to the patient due to my vast amount of knowledge, time served and experience in this minefield of an industry.

Advocating for patient care and safety

I work in an association with hair loss clinics and hair transplant surgeons to drive better, safer, ethical care for patients in an industry that has been rife with shoddy operators for way too long. It’s abhorrent that there are snake oil merchants out there who’ll prey on vulnerable people just to make a quick buck. Indeed, the dark and dirty side of the industry is well represented, with off-shore clinics advertising glamorous ‘hair transplant holidays’ that promise a full head of hair and full-time doting nurses. It all looks quite lovely, but not only do you risk losing your money and needing repair surgery later, but you risk your health and even your life!

Where to catch Spex in action

My activism and advocacy come in the form of media and social media coverage, speaking engagements, publication and generally being the benevolent poster boy for hair transplant surgery. My website, is a comprehensive resource for consumers anywhere along the transplant journey to explore. The site features a long-established blog, a gallery of photos from my own experiences. There are a plethora of videos and articles of my media appearances and a list of the clinics and surgeons around the world with whom I proudly work in association with.

Podcast fans will appreciate The Bald Truth radio show where I collaborate with another hair loss personality, Spencer Kobren. You can also find me if you wish to talk engaging with forum members at Bald Truth Talk which also features an extensive library of relevant information.

My opinion and commentary are regularly featured here on Man For Himself, in the Telegraph UK, Huffington Post, GQ, BBC Radio and many other hair loss blogs. I am frequently called upon by TV, radio and other media to provide insights from the perspective of a hair loss sufferer as deemed to have my finger on the pulse.


The OG influencer

Social media influencers aren’t always pretty young things in flouncy dresses. I have been an influencer in the hair loss space for a couple of decades via SpexHair and interacting with patients daily. I have always been determined to spare as many people as possible the trials and tribulations I have had to endure myself. I regularly post on social media and help introduce consumers to the most up to date, credible information.

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