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Hair Loss and Thinning: Myths And Questions Answered!

Hair loss and Nioxin expert Sophie answers your questions about hairlines; thinning hair; Nioxin systems; hair loss patterns; exercise; diet; and ingredients.

Understanding hair loss and thinning hair can be a minefield. What products to use; how to use them; and who to trust? 

We sat down with hair loss and Nioxin expert Sophie to answer your questions.

The questions in this video

1 — 00:51 – Lunch Meat 
“At what point can it no longer be considered a “widow’s peak”, and is actually considered a receding hairline?”
2 — 01:52 – Brendan 
“Best tips to preempt hair thinning/loss before it becomes noticeable”
3 — 03:07 – Abhishek Baldwin
“Robin, does using hair products everyday cause hair thinning and balding ?”
4 — 03:47 – @gabliessi 
“Hair Loss/hair thinning skips a generation – is that true?”
5 — 04:28 – Arash T
“Any insight on food and diet that can help hair growth or slow down thinning?”
6 — 06:40 – @Shengdiscoveries 
“Does working out decrease the chances of hair loss?”
7 — 07:33 – @chillinpenguin5 – TheHairTech
“Product for someone with dandruff and wants thicker hair?”
8 — 08:47 – TheHairTech – @AliaSharia
“What’s the main difference between System 1 and 2?”
9 — 09:36 – @coz_b
“is the full system required vs. some of it?’”
10 — 10:51 – Alex Kelly 
“Is Nioxin better than alternative products despite not containing many of the supposed active ingredients that prevent hair loss (caffeine, saw Palmetto, ketoconazole etc)?”
“Why are most hair thinning products shampoos and not conditioners? Given you can put conditioner in every day (and shampoo is only necessary every few days) why are most products shampoos? *Edit- 3. Is there any evidence to suggest that essential oils are effective?”
Jesus – 
“Does black castor oil thicken our hair?”
11 — 12:50 – Daniel Hartwig 
“I used Nioxin for several months with good results but then I read some articles that the ingredients of Nioxin can be harmful in the long term. I would love to hear more about that topic in your interview.”
12 — 13:54 – @jefferesonn_33
“Why are the sulfates in Nioxin? Aren’t sulfates bad?”
13 – 15:07 – Faraz Rahman
“There’s no third party evidence their products work from any academic or regulatory or research institution. Can they provide sources for the claims they make on their websites?” 
14 – 16:06 – Faraz Rahman
“… Why aren’t doctors recommending any of this stuff…” 
15 – 17:38 – @natbrillantes- @BenjNapalmRadio – Ben Funnell – @BenjNapalmRadio
‘Making hair thicker with products’