Tom Holland: Wavy Medium Length 90s Heartthrob Hairstyle

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Tom Holland’s looser, longer, wavier hairstyle moves away from the short, back and sides cuts of his former years.

MFH says

Spiderman actor Tom Holland’s hairstyle is reminiscent of heartthrob styles that were big in the 90s. It’s casual, well conditioned and very versatile.

In this shoot Tom wears his hair with a textured, slightly shiny finish which you can get with a wet-look pomade. We love how his fringe looks natural and effortless styled to the side.

For guys without Tom’s volume, reach for thickening shampoos or even salt spray to add density to your hair.


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  • To get Tom Holland’s loose, floppy hairstyle ask your barber for a medium length style with long layers.
  • This look is best cut with the scissor over comb technique.
  • You want to keep your fringe long so that it can be styled curly, textured and swept to the side like Tom’s.
  • To get Tom’s finish, style your hair with a touch of volume and a healthy shine.
  • When your hair is towel dry apply a texturising product like a sea salt spray through the mid-section before blow drying to add some hold to your look.
  • If you’re more low maintenance or don’t wish to blow dry your hair, you can leave hair to dry naturally after applying the sea salt spray.
  • Add high sheen pomade to style waves and get the glossy finish that Tom has in this shoot.



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  • MikesMiskey says:

    Hey! Its a really good tutorial but theres and actual tutorial from the stylist of Tom Holland on instagram(, where She uses Kevin Murphy products.
    Here is the whole tutorial: Dampen hair- then prep and protect from the heat of the hairdryer by spraying all over with EVER.SMOOTH.

    💥 Add some grip and structure by warming a 2p/ Quarter-sized amount of ROUGH.RIDER between your hands and apply through all of the hair concentrating at the sides and back.

    💥 Blow dry with a flat edged boar bristle brush (this is just the brush I use but any kind of brush such as a vent brush/ Denman would work fine). Smoothing back the sides and back and adding height on top.

    💥 Warm a 2p/ Quarter-sized amount of NIGHT.RIDER between your hands and apply through hair starting at the roots to get the product deep in there to add staying power- hair will look like a mess here!…until….

    💥 Mold into desired shape using fingers and spray BEDROOM.HAIR through the top section to add texture.

    💥Fix style with a spray of ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY

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