Sonny Hall: Medium Length Wavy Hair Styled With Wet Look

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Model Sonny Hall has fully embraced the wet look on his wavy medium length hair – but how much is too much pomade?!

MFH says

Medium length wavy hair can be tricky to style but you could always reach for the wet-look pomade like Sonny Hall.

To avoid hair looking too greasy and undone pair your look with smart tailoring like Sonny.

The model’s classic slicked back style is definitely one that takes good bone structure to pull off.  Sonny has thick hair, so if you’re on the thin side reach for products that will offer volume – you could try a mousse.


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  • To get Sonny Hall’s swept back hairstyle ask your barber for long layers.
  • Be sure to go to a barber that is a curl specialist if you’ve got waves/curls.
  • While you’re at the barbers pay attention to how they style your hair into Sonny’s slick look.
  • When hair is still wet or towel dry apply a gel or pomade through the mid-section, use sparingly at first!



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