Jackson Wang: Dyed Medium Length Hairstyle With Undercut

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The K-Pop superstar, Jackson Wang’s dyed medium-length hairstyle with undercut is giving us Cruella de Vil vibes – in the best possible way though.

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Why We Love It:

Jackson Wang’s dyed medium-length hairstyle with undercut is not for the faint hearted. But he wouldn’t be a K-Pop superstar if he didn’t have the requisite statement hair, right?

Famous for being in Got7, he has also become a bit of a name in fashion circles too: he’s a house ambassador for Louis Vuitton.

Jackson’s hairstyle is like a piecey, slightly hacked at bob – though MFH is sure it has been skilfully and expensively done by a top hairstylist.

The half brown/half grey colour looks equally DIY in a modern ‘punk’ kind of way – but again, it’s likely to have cost him a fortune.

It’s also a hairstyle that is a great gender neutral look too. Anyone with the right hair and confidence can carry it off.


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Jackson Wang’s dyed medium-length hairstyle with undercut is a choppy bob with textured ends.
  • His hair comes to around the bottom of his lobes.
  • It would have been layered throughout to give it some movement.
  • The ends have been cut into to give it a slightly uneven look.
  • And he has an undercut at the sides and back.
  • As for that colour? It’s a mix of brown, browny red, and then an ashy blonde/grey on the other side.
  • This is not something to try and do yourself at home.
  • And keep in mind that his hair will have been bleached to get that ashy colour so it’s very damaging to the hair.
  • If you are prepared to put the work in to deal with the regrowth and the maintenance, not to mention the TLC to keep your frazzled barnet healthy, then go for it!

Get The Look

  • Jackson Wang’s dyed medium-length hairstyle with undercut is perfect for quite fine hair that has a very slight wave.
  • To get the look, apply a golf-ball sized amount of volumising mousse.
  • Then spritz the hair from roots to ends with sea salt spray.
  • Blowdry your hair upside down until it’s damp – this will give it volume.
  • Then, with your head upright, slightly scrunch the hair as you finish blowdrying.
  • Add a little clay or pomade to mould the style a little more – especially if you want it to look like the sides have been blown back slightly.
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