Cole Escola: Choppy Textured Hair With Fringe

Queer comedian, actor, singer, Cole Escola’s hair is giving serious urchin vibes with this short, choppy textured style.

And that two-tone colour is great added value.

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Why We Love It:

Cole Escola’s short, choppy, textured cut gives the hair volume and movement so it’s perfect for anyone with fine hair.

Plus the texture is great for adding a bit of edge to your style without needing too much upkeep.

And that piecey, purposefully wonky fringe adds a playful vibe to the haircut, while also softening the entire look. Bonus: it’s long enough to sweep to the side, or style into a little quiff if the mood strikes you.

Meanwhile, there’s that fab two-tone colour – a cool, dark brown tone shade on top, which fades gently down to an ashy blonde/grey.


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For Cole Escola’s hairstyle, the two-tone colour will take a professional – don’t try it at home!
  • The colour on top is a cool brown tone, and the sides will have been bleached, with an ashy blonde toner added to give it that subtle greyish tinge.
  • Cole’s top layers look to be around an inch or less, the fringe has been left a lot longer, and the sides and back are gently tapered.
  • Your hairstylist will most likely use a point cutting technique at the top of the head to get layers and texture with natural movement, rather than looking too blunt.
  • For the sides and back, your stylist will use clippers to create a gradual fade (which is also another option for this style) or taper, starting with a longer guard at the top of the sides and back, moving to a shorter guard as they go down for a smooth gradient.
  • Then to blend, your hairstylist will use scissors over comb or clipper over comb to blend the top with the sides seamlessly.
  • Before you get the fringe cut, speak to your hairstylist about the length you’d like.
  • Then they’ll cut into it, to give it that soft, piecey, uneven look.
  • Your stylist will then use trimmers to clean up around the ears and define the neckline.

Get The Look

  • Cole’s hair is relatively low maintenance when it comes to styling.
  • You can simply spritz in a texture spray and let it dry naturally.
  • When it’s dry, you can add a very small amount of matt pomadewax / clay. warming it up in your hands first, and then tousling the hair to boost the texture.
  • Or if you’re in a hurry, spritz on heat protector, then a texture spray, and blow dry on medium heat, tousling as you go, before adding in the pomade/wax/clay and tousling.
  • Use a little of the leftover product on your hands to make the fringe look piecier if you want.
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