Jacob Elordi: Short Haircut With Messy Texture

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Nate from Euphoria looks all grown up! And we love that Jacob Elordi’s short haircut with messy texture comes right from the Robert Pattinson school of tousle.

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Why We Love It:

The Brisbane born actor is causing a stir as a f*cked up jock Nate, on Euphoria, complete with a classic, preppy, side parted hairstyle. But IRL Jacob Elordi’s short haircut with messy texture looks darker than his onscreen counterpart’s, and more fashionably dishevelled.

However, Jacob hasn’t always trodden a conventional path when it comes to hairstyles. In 2020 he had a hipster-boy mullet (aka not the full 80s Michael Bolton).

He confessed on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live: “I always had short back and sides because of movies and shows. I’d always wanted a mullet. My mom never let me have one because she wanted me to be a gentleman, presentable.”

But when he finally got his dream mullet – tragedy struck. His girlfriend at the time, who happened to be Cindy Crawford’s stunning model daughter Kaia Gerber, got rid of it.

Jacob admitted to Jimmy: “She took me to the bathroom and she got scissors and she cut it off.”

Love can be cruel, no?

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • If you want Jacob Elordi’s short haircut with messy texture ask your stylist for a short back and sides.
  • Ask if they can use scissors instead of clippers for a more natural look.
  • The hair on top is longer – around 4 inches -and layered for volume and texture. It’s slightly shorter towards the crown.
  • The back is slightly tapered.



Get The Look

  • To style your hair like Jacob Elordi’s short haircut with messy texture apply a volume product like mousse to towel dried hair.
  • Blow dry it on medium heat, while styling it upwards and back from your face using a vent brush.
  • When dry, add some matt clay to the the top of your hair – scrunch it a little to add some texture.
  • Et voila, you’ve got Jacob Elordi’s hair.


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