Olly Alexander: Buzz Cut With Micro Fringe And Low Fade

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Pop star and actor, Olly Alexander is a hair chameleon. His latest iteration? A quite low-key buzz cut  and fade. But of course, there’s that micro fringe to make it fashion.

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Why We Love It:

He’s the man who has had everything from a mullet mohawk with bleached eyebrows, to a fire engine red Caesar cut , so Olly Alexander’s buzz cut  and fade with micro fringe might seem a little conservative.

But MFH is cutting him some slack. Why? Olly has quite curly hair naturally, so he might have just wanted a break from all the frizz-control and styling that goes with that hair type.

Or he may have simply wanted a change. Because experimenting is Olly’s raison d’etre, as he explained to Allure magazine a couple of years ago.

“The pop star powers are in the hair [now], so if it grows out or changes color, am I still a pop star? Do I have to dye it again? It’s fun to wear different characters,” he told the publication.

“Off-duty Olly wears the same stuff that I’ve had for years. When I’m going into Olly-mode, even before I walk out the door, I need to put on jewelry.

“Then when I go onstage, it’s more jewelry, more outfit, and then my final form is the superhero with everything going on.

“Recently, I’ve been having my nails painted. I used to paint my nails and wear a lot of eyeliner when I was a teenager, so I’m coming back to a lot of the things I loved when I was first exploring my identity.”

And MFH is here for all of those explorations, especially when it comes to his Olly’s barnet, aka the gift that keeps on giving…

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Olly’s buzz cut with that subtle fade and super short fringe has a few point of differences to the normal one-length buzz.
  • It looks to be a Number 2 on the sides, and a Number 3 on the top.
  • And the top, sides and fade have been skillfully blended ensuring it doesn’t look like two different hairstyles – so this is best left to a professional.
  • Obviously the length you have your buzz cut is up for discussion with your stylist, so take save some pics on your phone of styles and lengths you like.
  • That piecey micro fringe is a nice feature to soften the style and give it more of a textured look.

Get The Look

  • Olly’s buzz cut is a relatively easy-care hairstyle.
  • Make sure to keep your hair and scalp clean and free of any dirt or oils by using a mild, sulfate-free shampoo to prevent the scalp from becoming dry and itchy.
  • Try and wash it no more than two-three times a week.
  • Apply a conditioner to your hair once or twice a week to keep it moisturized.
  • This will also help prevent your scalp from becoming dry and flaky.
  • Exfoliate your scalp about once a week, too, to get rid of any dead skin or buildup.
  • Use a moisturizing cream or oil on your scalp to prevent dryness and irritation.
  • You’ll need your hair trimmed about every two weeks or so if you want your buzz cut and fade to stay looking on point.
  • Invest in a quality trimmer or clippers to tidy up any stray hairs so your edges look sharp.
  • You can use a tiny bit of pomade to make the fringe look more piecey and textured.
  • Another thing not to forget? Apply sunscreen to your scalp if you’re out and about.
  • Or wear a hat (but preferably both).
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