Growing Hair Out Hairstyle

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This is the perfect haircut for someone looking to grow their hair out – moving from the classic short back and sides, into a medium to longer length hairstyle.

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Why We Love It:

It’s not for everyone but it’s certainly going to make a statement. If you’ve got the confidence, go for it.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Soft edges.
  • Plenty of texture.
  • Reverse graduation on the back – so shorter at the crown and longer towards the neck.
  • Avoid any hard corners in the cut.
  • Short fringe.
  • A messy finish.

Get The Look

  • Ed has quite fine hair, but he has a lot of it. He also has a natural wave through his hair. At this consultation stage, Ed told Matt that he was looking to grow his hair out, so Matt would work a cut suitable for this. 
  • Matt started by washing  Ed’s hair. Fine hair can tend to get a bit greasy, so it’s best to use a cleansing shampoo and not something that is overly moisturising.
  • After washing, Matt applied some of Label.M’s Grooming Cream to prep the hair. With wavy hair like Ed’s, a creamy product like this can help thicken the hair and make it easier to cut.
  • Matt started by sectioning Ed’s hair using a horseshoe section through the top. He then zig-zagged slightly high above the curvature of the head and down to the recession points at the front.
  • Using scissor over comb, Matt started the cut by working on the back – keeping the hair shorter at the crown and longer lower down. This is called a reverse graduation.
  • This graduation was taken up behind the ears and then block layered through the sides.
  • Matt wanted to create a more narrow shape in the style, so he took away the excess length. He wanted to avoid any hard corners in the hairstyle, so he worked with Ed’s natural head shape to provide a guide for the cut.
  • For this style, the fringe is kept short. Matt went freehand, cutting it to give it a DIY, almost messy look. He cut in a V shape – making the longest point in the middle.
  • To finish the cut, Matt used a deep point cutting technique through his fingers, and over a comb, to work some texture through the hair, as well as removing some of the weight.
  • A razor was then used on some of the ends at the sides, and on the recession area, where bits of the hair were lifting slightly.
  • It’s worth noting, Matt didn’t cut any hair off the perimeter or around the base of the neck, as he wanted to maintain the length here – especially for Ed who is growing it out. He really just tidied it up using the trimmers underneath.
  • Before drying the hair, Matt warmed a small amount of Bumble and bumble Sumotech between his palms and worked it through the hair. Using this product as a pre-styler helped Matt build up the texture before drying it.
  • He used a diffuser to remove excess moisture off the hair whilst also helping to set the hairstyle.
  • He finished off with a blast of high heat from the hairdryer and used another small amount of the product on the ends of the hair.
  • He also used the hairdryer over the comb, to tweak the sides out to emphasise the shape.
  • Finally, Matt used the Bumble and bumble Does It All hairspray to hold it in place.
  • A technical, and youthful, cut and style. The shape of the cut has been inspired by a current street and skateboarder style, but it is also perfect for anyone in that transition period of growing their hair out. It is basically a reverse of the classic short back and sides, with more length at the back and shorter at the front.
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