Brian Cox: Softly Swept Back Classic Hairstyle And Beard

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As Logan Roy on Succession his thinning barnet often looks so not-a-hair-out-of-place pristine it’s like he’s just stepped out of a salon into the Boardroom.

And IRL Brian Cox’s softly swept back classic hairstyle and beard is also giving off salon-styled Boardroom Barnet vibes.


MFH says

Brian Cox’s softly swept back classic hairstyle and beard is a seriously dapper look.

And the 76 year old British actor pulls it off with aplomb.

It has been beautifully cut so it’s easy to sweep back, while also subtly camoflauging where his hair is thinning.

Succession’s head hairstylist on Season 3, Angel De Angelis, explained how crucial each character’s hairstyle is as it represents their status as major players in the business world, and what they’re going through outside that, too.

She told online magazine Coveteur : “Everyone has a business-oriented haircut on the show. Everyone is well-groomed and looks the part.”

Unsurprisingly she looked used the Murdochs (owners of NewCorp) as inspo for the Roy family. And she admitted to using past experience to form her approach too.

“When I started in this business, I was working in Bergdorf Goodman,” she said. “I saw high society. I saw the parents and the youngsters, and everything in-between.”

She added: “We used to have standing hair appointments, every week or every two weeks. These people did not do their own hair. But they had to look a certain way; they had to show their wealth and their status in life through their appearance.”

And Brian Cox/Logan Roy definitely has what MFH has dubbed a ‘Thoroughbred Thatch’.

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  • To get a similar look to Brian Cox’s softly swept back classic hairstyle and beard ask your barber for a layered medium length cut.
  • Ideally you’ll need to have grown your hair out to at around 3-4 inches on the top and sides.
  • His hair at the back stops about an inch above his collar.
  • You can then style either slicked back more severely or softly swept away from your face like Brian’s hair is.
  • Brian’s beard is a more like a goatee, so your barber could trim it for you, or you can get a precision trimmer to use at home.
  • You’ll need a hairdryer if you want to get Brian Cox’s softly swept back classic hairstyle.
  • On damp hair, spritz some ANFORH Texture Volume spray or a volumising mousse.
  • And using a vent brush, blow-dry your hair back from your face towards your crown.
  • Also sweep the sides of the hair back with the brush as you blow dry too.
  • Vent brushes are great because they allow air to flow through the hair which creates that swept-back effect.
  • To smooth down any stray hairs and shape the hair a little, rub a tiny amount of matte pomade between your palms until soft.
  • Then run through hair from root to ends.
  • Go easy on the roots as you don’t want to weigh hair down, especially if you have fine thinning hair like Brian.
  • If you have white hair like Brian’s, use a purple or silver shampoo once a week to remove any brassy tones.



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