Marvin Humes: Buzz Cut With Neat Beard

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For busy blokes with no time for fuss, this Marvin Humes buzz cut is the answer. Because it makes a statement, no mirror time required.

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Why We Love It:

It’s hard to go wrong with this Marvin Humes buzz cut – it works for almost anyone. The downside? If you’re self conscious about any of your features, it gives you nowhere to hide.

However, as Marvin’s face is in youthful pretty-boy territory, this cut gives an edge to his soft features. And it makes the JLS singer, and 36 year old Dad-0f-three look a little older.

His small, neat beard, however, takes a little more dedication. Just as well we’ve got some tips below.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Ask them for a #1 buzz cut.
  • The length should be around an eighth of an inch all over.
  • You’ll need to get your hair buzzed around every 2-4 weeks to keep this looking on point.

Get The Look

  • Use luke warm water to cleanse your head daily and pat dry.
  • A few times a week, use a pea-sized amount of scalp-nourishing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Gently exfoliate the head once a week with a scalp massager.
  • To keep your beard looking as on point as your buzz cut, you need to ensure it’s not too bushy.
  • Use a beard trimmer to ensure all the hairs are the same length where possible.
  • Neat edges are key. Clip any rogue hairs above your topline (this connects the sideburns to your moustache).
  • Tidy up your sideburns so they’re even on both sides of your face.
  • When it comes to tidying up under your neck, remove the trim guard so you can see better. Then slowly and carefully neaten things up.
  • Just as you’ll need to keep your scalp hydrated and nourished, your beard will need to be washed around twice a week. (But remember, the skin on your face is different to your scalp. So it’s best to have separate cleansing products for each.)
  • And it’s also good to apply a special beard oil or beard moisturiser to prevent dry, itchy skin. Flakes in your beard is not the look you want.



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