Mark Indelicato: Short Centre Parted Hair With Double Quiffs

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This awards season in Hollywood, it’s the men making waves on the red carpet. Not least Mark Indelicato and his short, centre-parted hair with double quiffs.

Sure, it’s a look not everyone can – or would want to – carry off, but MFH is here to salute anyone who wants to push some boundaries…

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Why We Love It:

In the 80s, Mark Indelicato and his short, centre-parted hair with double quiffs  wouldn’t have caused anyone to bat as much as a false eyelash, let alone an eyelid (check out this picture of the singer of 1980s Brit band Flock of Seagulls for an example of an extreme hair lewk popular at the time).

However, fast forward to 2023, and MFH loves that the former Ugly Betty actor (he played Betty’s pre-teen, fashion-obsessed nephew) and his barnet stood out like a beacon of individuality in a sea of classic hairstyles at the Golden Globes.

Kudos must also go to this bright lewk styled with a kiss curl (scroll to the end) which he rocked last year at the Emmys.

Currently onscreen in the witty, hilarious Hacks (on Amazon Prime) MFH is looking forward to seeing a lot more of MD and his hair flare n the red carpet.

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What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Mark Indelicato’s short, centre-parted hair with double quiffs is more about the styling and the products.
  • Mark’s haircut is actually a straightforward longer-on-top-shorter-at-sides-and-back style.
  • But it shows how versatile it is as he has also worn it slicked down with a severe side part.
  • The hair is around 2 inches long on top which is what has enabled Mark to do the double quiff look in each side of his centre part.
  • Mark’s hair here is the sign of a man having fun playing around – and/or letting his hairstylist have free reign!


Get The Look

  • Mark Indelicato’s short, centre-parted hair with double quiffs is basically all about the product. And some styling skillz.
  • This look works better on 2nd or 3rd day hair – you don’t want it to be too clean and slippery.
  • Using a comb, and your nose as guidance, part the top of the hair into a severe centre part.
  • Apply a 50p sized amount of gel (the old school sort, yes).
  • Then using a round brush, curl one side of the hair up and around into a quiff/pompadour shape, then do the same to the other side of the hair.
  • Using a tiny bit of pomade (warm it between your hands first) slightly smooth the hair back at the sides.
  • Then hairspray the hell out of it all with a firm hold product.
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