Troye Sivan: Long Curly Mullet

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This long, layered and curly mullet isn’t for everyone but we love how retro Troye Sivan’s new look is.



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Mullets are back in a big way but think less Tiger King, more Troye. The singer debuted the retro style for his new album Easy with Mark Ronson (another hair icon) and this is a faithful version of the 80s classic.

The business-at-the-front, party-at-the-back hairstyle is characterised by longer tresses behind the ears and a short fringe – and it looks great on Troye’s naturally curly hair.


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  • For Troye Sivan’s 80s, curly mullet hairstyle ask your barber or stylist for a long, layered scissor cut.
  • It needs to be short on top, even shorter at the sides and with plenty of length at the back.
  • Ask your barber to point-cut to create a more textured look through the the top. Then use clippers on the sides. The length at the back should be tidied up a bit, but primarily left to its own devices for that rock n’ roll look.
  • What’s key to this look is layers but they can be either blended or left disconnected for a bolder statement.
  • We love how Troye’s 80s hairstyle looks rebellious and dishevelled. Achieve the look at home by working with any natural texture you have and accentuating the layered cut.
  • When washing hair use a volume shampoo if hair is on the thin side, then apply pre-styling products such as sea salt spray or thickening foam to add texture to towel dried hair.
  • Leave to air dry or blow dry on a low setting to avoid curls and waves going frizzy.



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