Long Afro With Round Layers

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This rounded long afro is all about sky-high volume, and keeping the hair nourished. The cut has been kept symmetrical all over by using precise round layers. Embrace the natural curl!

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Why We Love It:

This hairstyle is so fresh. The hair is healthy, well-maintained and full of volume!

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Find a barber who has experience with cutting afro hair.
  • Scissor cut.
  • Round, long layers.

Get The Look

  • The top needs to be isolated from the back and sides at the beginning of this haircut.
  • The hair should be pulled out at 90 degrees to establish the preferred length.
  • For afro hair, your barber should cut off less than actually anticipated, as the hair always shrinks after drying.
  • A round layer is taken at 90 degrees, from the headshape, over the whole head. This keeps a symmetrical shape.
  • The hair is towel dried and then a bit of nourishing shine oil worked through the ends.
  • The hair is then dried naturally.
  • To finish, the hair is teased out with a pintail comb.
  • Use a curl cream to add moisture to the hair and define the curls.
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