High Top Afro

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This high top afro is fashion-forward and extremely technical. Some serious skills are needed from an experienced barber to create this smooth and impressive men’s hairstyle.

Hairstyle Rating 5

MFH says

Valerio Federico shows his artistic talent with this high top afro. The juxtaposition of super-sharp fade with a voluminous top is pure perfection.

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  • Find a barber who is experienced in cutting Afro-Caribbean hair.
  • Need to keep the length in the top of the hair.
  • Start the fade on a zero at the neck and keep it low.
  • Finish the fade on a grade 3.
  • The top needs to be trimmed, with a smooth finish so there isn’t a hair out of place.
  • The shape should be square around the back and sides, with a slight curve on the top.
  • Blow-dry using a diffuser.
  • Start by using the zero guard on the clippers just around the side bones and nape area. You want to maintain the zero relatively low.
  • Moving forward with the lever opened on the clippers start to fade the zero line no higher than 1 centimeter above, this will help to begin the fade.
  • Continue with the same method by closing the lever completely to eliminate any remaining line.
  • With the lever opened, use the 0.5 plastic guard and continue flicking the line away about a centimeter above to slightly extend the fade higher. Close the lever to eliminate any remaining line again.
  • The whole haircut is carried on by repeating the same method until the number 3 is reached.
  • Through the top use a free-hand technique to define the shape; rounding or squaring off where necessary.
  • Finish the cut by detailing the front and back hairline to give a precise and finessed end result.
  • To style, use some hair serum to control the frizz and gently dry with a diffuser.
  • Avoid touching your hair, while blow-drying, to prevent any frizz occurring.
  • Continue using the diffuser until the hair is 80% dry and then proceed by finishing off the look with some curl cream. This will give the hair a soft yet aesthetically-pleasing end result.



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  • TyParks says:

    Hey Robin! Love this hairstyle. I am wondering tho… do you have any recommendations of styling products for someone with this same type of hair (thick, naturally curly, somewhat coarse) who has shorter hair and wants to keep it short..?

    I’ve watched about 80% of your videos (great! btw), and I’m interested in the clays/pastes/ & pomades (natural shine/doesn’t harden) you’ve battled or reviewed, but I’m unclear whether they would do anything to hair that’s less willing to stay in specific styling positions because – shorter, ‘tight’ curls.

    (also – I do see you listed the “Kevin Murphy Easy Rider” for this longer hairstyle lol)

    Hairstyle Rating 5

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