High Top Afro

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This high top afro is fashion-forward and extremely technical. Some serious skills are needed from an experienced barber to create this smooth and impressive men’s hairstyle.

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Why We Love It:

Valerio Federico shows his artistic talent with this high top afro. The juxtaposition of super-sharp fade with a voluminous top is pure perfection.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Find a barber who is experienced in cutting Afro-Caribbean hair.
  • Need to keep the length in the top of the hair.
  • Start the fade on a zero at the neck and keep it low.
  • Finish the fade on a grade 3.
  • The top needs to be trimmed, with a smooth finish so there isn’t a hair out of place.
  • The shape should be square around the back and sides, with a slight curve on the top.
  • Blow-dry using a diffuser.

Get The Look

  • Start by using the zero guard on the clippers just around the side bones and nape area. You want to maintain the zero relatively low.
  • Moving forward with the lever opened on the clippers start to fade the zero line no higher than 1 centimeter above, this will help to begin the fade.
  • Continue with the same method by closing the lever completely to eliminate any remaining line.
  • With the lever opened, use the 0.5 plastic guard and continue flicking the line away about a centimeter above to slightly extend the fade higher. Close the lever to eliminate any remaining line again.
  • The whole haircut is carried on by repeating the same method until the number 3 is reached.
  • Through the top use a free-hand technique to define the shape; rounding or squaring off where necessary.
  • Finish the cut by detailing the front and back hairline to give a precise and finessed end result.
  • To style, use some hair serum to control the frizz and gently dry with a diffuser.
  • Avoid touching your hair, while blow-drying, to prevent any frizz occurring.
  • Continue using the diffuser until the hair is 80% dry and then proceed by finishing off the look with some curl cream. This will give the hair a soft yet aesthetically-pleasing end result.
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