Jonathan Bailey: Wavy Side Parted Hairstyle

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Jonathan Bailey aka Anthony Bridgerton has made a wavy side parted hairstyle a look to covet. Perfectly layered, it’s a regency look that still works for the modern day.

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Why We Love It:

Wonderfully wavy and paired with enviable sideburns, Jonathan Bailey’s side parted style will be a hot request at the barbers thanks to his role as Anthony Bridgerton in Netlfix hit Bridgerton.

In real life, actor Jonathan Bailey often wears his wavy medium length hair swept back or brushed to the side.

We think the smooth and classic style looks great on his naturally wavy hair. It’s perfectly finished with a matte wax – but we might ditch the sideburns to be honest.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • To nail Jonathan Bailey’s centre parted wavy hairstyle ask your barber for a layered medium length cut. Ideally you’ll need to have grown your hair out to at least four to five inches on the top and back and you’ll want length on the sides too.
  • You want a textured cut so ask your barber to use scissors to create choppy layers.
  • You can then style it either slicked back or loosely swept to one side like Anthony Bridgerton.

Get The Look

  • Be prepared to invest in a hairdryer as it will be much easier to recreate Jonathan Bailey’s wavy hairstyle at home with one.
  • On freshly washed damp hair, spritz on a texturising or sea salt spray.
  • Using a vent brush and a hairdryer blow dry your fringe to the side. Use the vent brush to lift the hair to create Anthony Bridgerton’s famous curl.
  • Rub some matte wax between your palms until soft and then run through hair sparingly from root to ends to give the style hold and a matte finish.
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