Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity Spray

5.05 Star

Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity Spray has a unique formula that adds plenty of volume, but without weighing the hair down. Not only does it style hair but it nourishes each strand, as well as promoting hair growth.

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Why We Love It:

One of my most used products of 2018. Produces weightless volume and lift to the hair.

Use with a hairdryer and your hands to build in texture and define the shape before using your styling product.

Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity Spray Key Benefits

  • Promotes volume and shine.
  • Weightless formula.
  • For all hair types. Great for fine hair.
  • Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free.

How To Use

Spray a couple of pumps into damp hair and follow using a hairdryer to direct and build volume.

Overall: 5 Star

Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity Spray Key Ingredients

  • Manuka Honey – Seals in moisture and softens hair.
  • Grapefruit Extract – Rich in vitamin C and E to help repair dry and damaged hair.

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  • Joel says:

    Hey robin! Really love your videos. I have fine hair and I just want a prestyler that adds body to my hair and makes it feel fuller. Was thinking aveda thickening tonic or label m but after seeing your review on this product I cannot decide. Which product do you think would suit my hair type the best? Also if you have any other recommendations outside of these that is fine also. Thank you! Hope you can help!

  • Kyle Webb says:

    This is a very general question that I hope you’ll answer. I’ve been trying to find a good Prestyler and product gor my hair which is flat and thing (Asian hair). I hope you’ll be able to help me and see this message, love your channel.

  • Carlos says:


    The way you describe how to use this products (use in damp hair) is quite the opposite of what says on the KM product page (to use in dry hair) … Am I missing something here?

    • Robin James says:

      Hey Carlos,
      I tend to use a pre-styler into damp hair. It works best for me. But give both ways a go and see what works for you.

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