Short Mod Haircut

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This unique take on the classic Mod-haircut is definitely a personal choice but with its continued popularity, it has certainly stood the test of time. It’s perfect for those of you with a full head of hair, particularly thick and naturally textured hair.

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Why We Love It:

If you like it, you’ll love it! Not for the faint-hearted but certainly attention grabbing.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • The haircut should have a square silhouette.
  • Keep it relatively short all over, with a small increase in length at the crown.
  • Cut the fringe straight down on the forehead.
  • Hair should sit flat on the head, all over.
  • To emphasise the style, keep the sideburns long and the fringe very short.

Get The Look

  • In the cut and styling, it’s all about keeping it relatively short all over with a square silhouette, whilst working with the natural texture of the hair.
  • After washing the hair, Johnny sectioned the hair, working with horizontal sections.
  • For the cut, Johnny firstly wanted to create the shape of the style.
  • He started from the top of the crown, where the head starts to round off, and worked forwards.
  • He created a combination of round and square layers. Working from the front section, back, and to the sides of the crown.
  • The round layers were elevated from the sides, to create a slight corner.
  • This corner sits slightly higher around the head which ensures that when the hair falls, it will fall flat to the head – a key feature of this Mod hairstyle.
  • Working in segments, the hair was pulled towards the corner. This helps maintain a square silhouette, but not necessarily an overly square shape. This works like an optional illusion, making the hair look flat. 
  • After creating the base shape, Johnny roughly blow dried Chris’s hair. 
  • Johnny freehand scissor cut the hair to add what he calls ‘personalisation’. Chris’s hair already has a lot of natural texture but Johnny used a combination of slice and point cutting techniques to add some definition. 
  • Looking at the front, Chris has a very strong fringe, with quite a prominent jump on the right-hand side. Johnny combed the hair forward and gave the comb a tap so the hair fell into its natural position. 
  • He cut the fringe straight down onto the forehead, using zero tension.
  • For Chris’s beard, Johnny trimmed it using clippers on a grade 2. He tapered the edges down to a 1.5, making it blend into the skin, without leaving a hard line across the neck. 
  • Into styling, Johnny traditionally likes to recommend a product and let his clients style the hair themselves. For Chris’s hair, he recommended Layrite Cement Clay which helps add texture and leaves a clean matte finish. 
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