Daniel Craig: ‘No Time To Die’ Premiere

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James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, always keeps his hair short and neat which perfectly suits the suave and charming, infamous, spy role. For the world premiere of ‘No Time To Die‘, his hair was perfectly coiffed into a side part with a high gloss pomade finish.

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Why We Love It:

Daniel Craig looked incredible at the world premiere of ‘No Time To Die‘.

Celebrating his final time as James Bond, his hair was styled to pure perfection, with a high side part.

With naturally fine hair, keeping it shorter on the sides gives the illusion of thicker hair on top. Styled with a high gloss pomade, it’s a formal look; but you could make this more casual with a matte finish product.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Scissor cut.
  • Texture on top.
  • Short, neat, and tight all over.

Get The Look

  • This is a pretty classic hairstyle so there is no need for too much fuss with styling.
  • Use a high shine/gloss pomade.
  • Work into your hands and emulsify (warm up) before working through your hair, root to tip.
  • Use a comb to style away from your parting.
  • Use a little pomade on your hands to sweep across the surface of the hair to fix/set it.
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