Ed Sheeran: Messy Bed Head Cut Swept Forward With Choppy Fringe

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Ed Sheeran and messy bed head go together like Netflix and chill. It just works. And we couldn’t imagine the laid-back muso without his iconic look.


Why We Love It:

Ed Sheeran’s messy hair couldn’t suit his laid-back, easy-going person more.

Although, in the early days of his career, the ginger superstar was told to dye his hair black if he wanted success. We’re glad he resisted and continues to proudly flying the ginger flag.

Although Ed Sheeran’s hair is not for everyone, it is flattering for a lot of people. Like if you have fine, straight hair. Or want to hide a large forehead.

It’s even good for thinning hair.  You can thank that forward sweep and tousling for its ability to disguise things.  Clever!





What To Ask Your Barber:

  • A layered, swept-forward short cut. With a choppy fringe.
  • The hair is cut using scissors and comb.
  • The ends are feathered a little.
  • Want a modern update? Ask for a fade at the sides. Your hairdresser will advise what will work best for you.


Get The Look

  • Wash and towel dry hair.
  • Blow dry hair roughly with fingers, sweeping it all forward.
  • Apply hair powder to boost volume.
  • For the bed head effect, use a matte, light to medium-hold wax or pomade.
  • Rub it between hands first to warm it up.
  • Then run fingers through hair, tousling it as you go.
  • Apply more product to tips of some pieces of hair to make them stand  up.
  • Use product on your fringe sparingly. Break it up and make it piece-y with fingers.


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