Colman Domingo: Tapered Afro With Fade And Hard Part

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Actor Colman Domingo’s tapered Afro with fade hairstyle and hard part is classic, cool and perfectly suited to the Fear the Walking Dead star.

MFH says

Colman Domingo’s suit is certainly eye catching and so is his hairstyle. We love how the clean, sharp lines of Colman Domingo’s Afro taper fade with a hard part balances out the hot pink Versace suit.

To achieve Colman’s defined curls, a curl sponge is a great way to enhance that natural textured look. Protect medium length Afro with regular hair treatments such as overnight masks and moisturising treatments.

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  • To get Colman Domingo’s hairstyle ask your barber for a medium high taper fade and a hard part.
  • The hard part is a clean line shaved down to the scalp with a trimmer or razor.
  • The top of the head would likely be cut with freehand clippers and the shape softened with scissors.
  • You can swear your Afro taper with a high or low fade, but Colman’s high fade keeps the look edgy.
  • The success of Colman’s Afro taper is all down to the curl definition.
  • Start on dry hair and use an Afro pick. Then, apply pomade to speed up the curl-forming process.
  • Using a curl sponge, start at the crown of the head and rub it in a circular motion clockwise around the head for 1-5 minutes.
  • You can smooth any flyaways into shape with your palms and a dab of matte paste. Less is more – you want your hair to have hold, but not be stiff.



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