Nicholas Galitzine: Choppy Textured Haircut

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Actor Nicolas Galitzine is so preternaturally handsome, that this choppy, textured and tousled haircut is the perfect foil for that face.

MFH says

Nicolas Galitzine’s choppy, textured and tousled haircut is quite a change-up from his usually polished style.

The actor, who is becoming the leading man du jour, is about to be as talked about – including every tweak to his barnet – as Timothee Chalamet and his glossy curls.

(You might recognise Nicholas from Sky’s Mary and George, and he’s the romantic lead opposite Anne Hathaway in The Idea of You, out on Amazon Prime in May, 2024).

Nicholas’ artfully messy hairstyle might look a bit DIY – that’s the point. But mark MFH’s word for it, this cut takes skill, so make sure you go to a hairstylist/barber that you trust.

And then it’s all about having fun with products to get that texture tousled to perfection.

And by George (pun intended), Nicholas has got it so right.

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  • If you’re keen on replicating Nicolas Galitzine’s choppy, textured and tousled haircut then take this hair listing to your barber/hairstylist.
  • Then talk to them about whether it’ll work for your hair type, and if there’ll need to be any tweaks made.
  • For example, some people have double crowns which mean the hair has to be cut a certain way so it doesn’t stick straight up in the air.
  • Nicholas’ hair is shorter and more tapered at the sides and back.
  • His hair on top has been cut into varying lengths, which gives it that easy-to-style texture.
  • Nicholas Galitzine’s haircut is a fun one to play around with.
  • On damp hair, spritz in some texture spray or sea salt spray to give it a bit of grit.
  • Then blow dry the hair on medium heat, ruffling it with your fingers as you go.
  • Take a very small amount of matt styling product like  clay or pomade – and rub it between your fingers to warm it up.
  • Tousle it through the top of your hair, picking up ad hoc pieces and applying product to get them to stick up.
  • You can add more product if need be.
  • Spritz on some hairspray at the end if you want a bit more hold.
  • Et voila, you’re as artfully tousled as Nicholas.



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