Chris Hemsworth: Widow’s Peak Hairstyle

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Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth, has naturally thick hair and this choppy, on-trend, medium-length style really suits him. It’s all about those layers and building texture in the top, whilst maintaining the length. Keeping the sides tight ensures a neater finish.

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Why We Love It:

Chris Hemsworth’s hairstyle works perfectly for his widow’s peak. Volume in the front, with the sides left loose and full of texture.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Clippers on back and sides. Neat around the ears.
  • Scissor cut on top.
  • Disconnected.
  • For thick hair, ask for some weight to be taken out.
  • Texture in the top.

Get The Look

  • Keep the length on the top.
  • Tight and neat on the sides.
  • Chop into the top to create texture – don’t use thinning scissors.
  • Style how you like. There are plenty of options; slick back, leave natural, or build volume in the top and finish with a high hold clay.
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