Charles Parnell: Grey Afro Hairstyle With Length On Top

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Top Gun: Maverick actor Charles Parnell’s grey Afro hairstyle with length on top gives the 58-year-old the kind of debonair vibe and gravitas his younger cohorts can only hope to cultivate.


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Why We Love It:

Charles Parnell’s grey Afro hairstyle with length on top sends him shooting to the top of MFH’s Greynaissance Leader Board.

(A little aside to the James Bond casting lot – I’ve found your next 007.)

The cut itself is quite clever – it’s almost a subtle, grown up version of a flat top.

Charles’s naturally grey hair is another convincing reason to bust out those silvery tones if you’re still trying to cover them up.

Because Charles looks even more handsome with his silvery strands taking centre stage, than when he was younger with darker hair.



What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Charles Parnell’s grey Afro hairstyle with length on top looks simple but it’ll need a skilled barber who has worked with Afro hair regularly to get it right.
  • It’s nicely tapered at the side and blended.
  • The top of the hair is longer, and has probably been cut with freehand clippers and the shape softened with scissors.
  • You’ll need to get it cut at least once a month to keep the shape looking on point.

Get The Look

  • Charles Parnell’s grey Afro hairstyle with length on top is all about a good cut, and keeping the hair in great condition.
  • Invest in a hair pick and use it to comb hair upwards to give the hair at the top the height that Charles’s hair has.
  • It’s crucial to avoid stripping out your natural oils – so aim to wash it no more than a couple of times a week.
  • Avoid shampoos with SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) as these are known to dry out the hair.
  • Or you can co-wash – use a product that both cleans and conditions.
  • If you have grey/white hair and it starts to look dull/yellowy, then use a silver shampoo on it once a week to get rid of the brassy tones.
  • Before bed, try using products with natural oils on the tips of your hair strands to protect and seal in the moisture.
  • Wear a head wrap (or even a durag, as long as it’s not too tight) when you sleep.
  • You can also use a silk pillowcase to protect your hair further when you sleep.
  • It’s also worth investing in a hair sponge to further bring out the curls in your hair if you want.
  • Then allow hair to dry naturally. If you have a looser curl type, you could twist small sections of your hair while damp to help define it.
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