Ashley Banjo: Close Crop With Mid Fade

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Looking cool on the red carpet, Ashley Banjo’s hairstyle – a close crop with mid fade is a great, zero-fuss option for the busy dancer and TV judge.

MFH says

Ashley Banjo’s close crop with mid-fade is super cool and low-maintenance. Be aware that it requires a barber with great skills to get that perfect mid-fade gradient.

If you’re easily bored, though, you can play around with different fades

But, cool as this cut is, it’s a shame Ashley felt he had to conform to forge a successful TV career.

He told GQ Hype: ‘At one point I had cornrows, braids. And that was authentically me.

‘But I remember thinking, “There’s no one else on TV with plaits like me. Can I see myself hosting prime-time BBC One like this? Maybe not.”

We hope that Ashley feels he can play around with more natural hairstyles in the near future…



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  • Ashley’s close crop is around a #1 or #2 length.
  • Show your barber/hairstylist photos of the type of fades you like. They will help you decide which one will work best for your face shape.
  • It’s important that the stylist gets your fade gradient just right. Sharp, not too severe.
  • The close crop is the ultimate in low maintenance at home.
  • Nourish it with chemical-free. shampoo and conditioner
  • Apply a hair oil to soothe dry ends as it grows.
  • Also use products to exfoliate the scalp to get rid of dead skin cells.



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