Martin Compston: Crew Cut With Texture and Low Fade

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Line of Duty and Vigil star, Martin Compston’s crew cut is a classic style that looks red carpet ready with a bare minimum of styling.




Why We Love It:

This Martin Compston crew cut is the ultimate look for anyone who wants a classic, fuss-free style.

A bit of crew cut history? In 1927, Yale rowing team member, Jock Whitney, had his hair cut short for the sake of practicality. And started a trend that’s still seriously on point today.

Thanks Josh, because not only is this an ageless look, but, bonus, it can slim down a round face shape.

Martin’s stylist has also added a low fade for a subtle, modern edge.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • For this Martin Compston short cut, the hair is longest on the top of the head – usually up to 1 inch – and is graduated in length from the crown to the hairline.
  • The hair at the back and sides is tapered to be slightly shorter than the hair on top
  • Ask for a low fade to be done with a small section around the ears, to streamline the cut


Get The Look

  • It’s up to you how you style this. You can just wash and go, or, like Martin, show off the texture.
  • If you’re all about texture, then use a small amount of firm hold wax on dry hair. Warm it between your fingers first, then tousle your hair.
  • For Martin’s mini quiff, simply push the hair upwards with the wax. You can also set it with some light hairspray if you feel it’s necessary.
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