Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Long, Curly, Swept Back Hairstyle

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Rocking what MFH calls ‘romance-novel hair’ British actor, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s long, curly, swept-back hairstyle is serious #goalz if you’re blessed with thick curls like he is.

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Why We Love It:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s long, curly, swept-back hairstyle is the kind of long, dark, flowing, barnet you could imagine Wuthering Heights‘ Heathcliffe with, or even Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice having (well without the shedload of product he’s used to slick the fringe back).

It’s a great look if you want your curls to drop a little – because generally speaking, the longer they are, the more they’ll loosen.

But you do need a good hairdresser/barber who understands and works with curly hair a lot. Because, to stop it mushrooming out, they’ll need to know how and where to reduce the weight.

Aaron looks like he is mid-way through the growing process, which is probably why he’s slicked the fringe area back so it doesn’t keep falling into his eyes.

But, as this swept-back look also happens to show off his stunning face and awesome bone structure,  MFH is a big fan.


What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s long, curly, swept-back hairstyle looks to be a one-length scissor cut.
  • However, as Aaron’s hair is so curly and thick and has a tendency to grow outwards, his stylist may have put in some hidden layers to take the weight out of it. So it’s worth talking to yours about how they can cut it to stop that ‘mushroom’ factor.
  • Aaron’s hair sits just above his collar – but when it’s wet, it probably hits shoulder length.

Get The Look

  • While Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s long, curly, swept-back hairstyle can be relatively wash’n’go, it also needs some TLC to stop it going frizzy and fluffy.
  • Ideally try to only wash it twice a week. And when you do, use a natural, nourishing shampoo and conditioner.
  • Don’t towel dry your hair roughly – gently squeeze the moisture out.
  • Even better, wrap it in an old cotton T-shirt to soak up the moisture in the most gentle way possible.
  • Then apply a curl defining cream and leave hair to air dry.
  • Or, if you want to use a hairdryer, gently scrunch some shape into the curls as you dry it.
  • To slick back the front like Aaron has, you’ll need a gel, wax or pomade – whatever your preference.
  • Start off with a small, 20p sized amount, rub it together in your palms before applying to to the front of your hair and pushing it back with your fingers.
  • You can apply more product if needed and finish off with hairspray.
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